Saturday, 19 January 2013

ギャル Hairstyles//Gyaru hair

I've recently been thinking of having bangs cut, I already have long bangs, but I mean Tsubasa style bangs. Straight. But I'm really 50/50 on it. Anyway, I've been looking at images of hair all day so just thought I would post some cute ones.. and maybe I'll look at 'bang extensions'. Or just have a trim.......


  1. ohhhh... Hairstyle scans=D I don't really do my hair much since I don't have time... but i love to look at them, I especially love braids, do you know if any of these magazines show you how to do a nice sophisticated braid?
    Btw I'll be looking forward to more posts, and I hope you'll follow my blog=D

  2. I'm looking for braid hairstyles now! I love braided hair but I have bangs :(
    I am going to do a speedy search now - I think Sweet magazine does quite nice sophisticated hair styles.

    I will follow you ^^