Friday, 8 February 2013

CUTE and CHEAP Japanese Online Fashion Site Links!

I just got back from Osaka and I was obsessed with the amount of amazing fashion (especially coats and jackets) while I was there. I geekily wrote down the names of all the stores I visited.. but was watching my money too much to buy anything at the time. But, with the help of a Japanese friend who knows what kind of clothes I like, I have come up with a little list of nice, and CHEAP Japanese fashion sites.

Infamous hime looking shoes ..cute handbag too^^

I know many many people look for shops like this every day, and when I first became interested in Japanese fashion (and before I could speak, read and write Japanese) I found this search very hard, if not impossible. Tip - If you open these sites in Chrome it should translate them for you.

This is a very English friendly site, with Korean Chinese and Japanese fashion. Very fast shipping and really high quality with a masssssive selection.

One of my personal favourites, this site has loads of REALLY cheap stuff, little gyaru/cute styling, and they sell Body Fantasies body sprays which I love, as well as some really cute and cheap nail accessories and sleepwear. Definitely worth checking out.

Cute, simple fashion, accessories and lifestyle products.
Nice outfit idea....

This site is my number 1. The fashion is super cute, everything I'm looking for in clothing. A mix of rock, gyaru, girly and just average fashion, it's all priced fairly and has nice promotions and events happening on the site too. Be quick, things sell out really fast.
Very cute coat!! Sold out :( Give!

Again, cute, high quality simple fashion. Perfect for basics and staple pieces.
I'm gonna buy them all!

I will add to this list as I go but I'm pretty sure this is enough for now! Happy shopping! xx

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