Monday, 11 March 2013

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review

I'ma huge fan of sheet masks, and I have used many, many vitamin C, caviar, snail and hyaluronic acid masks in my time. They have all worked pretty well, but as I'm all for sweet scents, I really wanted to try this My Beauty Diary strawberry yogurt mask. Well, I really love these masks. they smell exactly like strawberry yogurt.

I bought mine on eBay from a UK seller. They were delivered in 1 day. Very impressed. They were #11 for 10 masks. Also impressive. I know they sell these in China Town in London too, but they are probably much more pricey.

They have a lot of essence on them (they are heavy and very wet) but this is nice as it cools down the skin and leaves you feeling instantly refreshed.

Weirdly, my skin around my nose and mouth felt a little stingy, something I have never experienced from the other masks. I will add that I am currently sick and my skin is very dry at the moment, and it's snowing out; i think my skin is just having a hard time. I don't blame the mask, I blame me.

I left it on for around 20 minutes, this seemed perfect. There should be - unless your skin is very thirsty - quite a lot of residue left over from this mask, so you can wipe your body with what's left over to get a nice hint of strawberry all over. My face is now fully refreshed, bright, smooth, soft and to top it all I smell like a strawberry. I want to eat my own face.

Tip: don't wash off! It's fine to leave on. Oh, and one last thing - my only negative point too. The mask is waaaay too big for my face; but I have a very small face. So the chin kind of hangs off and I was eating the nose section. But whatever, it tasted good. However, this definitely wont affect everyone.

So; to round up:

  • Great value for money
  • Very refreshing and softening
  • Really nice scent
  • Instantly brightens your skin
  • Size won't fit everyone - but who cares
  • Plenty of essence on the mask

During my Google image search I found this line of masks from MBD - I have GOT TO TRY THESE NEXT!!! Stay tuned.

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